Saturday, May 6, 2023


A live viewing of a TOMORROW X TOGETHER concert will play in Pittsburgh-area theaters on May 28.
One more way to enjoy TOMORROW X TOGETHER’S second world tour! Don’t miss out on TOMORROW X TOGETHER WORLD TOUR [ACT: SWEET MIRAGE] IN LA: LIVE VIEWING. Watch it on a big screen at a theater near you!
It plays locally at the AMC Loews Waterfront and the Cinemark theaters in North Hills and Robinson, and tickets are available online. TOMORROW X TOGETHER, also known as TXT, is a Korean boyband formed in 2019.

Kurosawa films Yojimbo (用心棒), Seven Samurai (七人の侍) at Row House Cinema, from May 19.

The Akira Kurosawa films Yojimbo (用心棒), Seven Samurai (七人の侍) will play at the Row House Cinema from May 19 through 25 as part of collection of an operations manager's favorite movies. A synopsis of the former, from the distributor:
The incomparable Toshiro Mifune stars in Akira Kurosawa's visually stunning and darkly comic Yojimbo. To rid a terror-stricken village of corruption, wily masterless samurai Sanjuro turns a range war between two evil clans to his own advantage. Remade twice, by Sergio Leone and Walter Hill, this exhilarating genre-twister remains one of the most influential and entertaining films of all time.
And the latter:
One of the most thrilling movie epics of all time, Seven Samurai (Shichinin no samurai) tells the story of a sixteenth-century village whose desperate inhabitants hire the eponymous warriors to protect them from invading bandits. This three-hour ride from Akira Kurosawa—featuring legendary actors Toshiro Mifune and Takashi Shimura—seamlessly weaves philosophy and entertainment, delicate human emotions and relentless action, into a rich, evocative, and unforgettable tale of courage and hope.
Tickets are available online. The single-screen theater is located at 4115 Butler Street in Lawrenceville (map).

Thursday, May 4, 2023

"Mitigating the Pandemic's Achievement Gap in Korea" with Dr. Namgi Park, May 11 at Pitt.

The University of Pittsburgh's School of Education will host Dr. Namgi Park, former Gwangju National University of Education President and Pitt alumnis, on May 11 for his talk "Mitigating the Pandemic's Achievement Gap in Korea."
Dr. Namgi Park (PhD '93), a School of Education alumnus, will be visiting campus and presenting a talk on policies to mitigate the pandemic's widening achievement gap in Korea. The global pandemic has exacerbated the class divide in education achievement. This seminar will introduce the situation and reasons in South Korea and policies to mitigate this gap which can offer clues and suggestions to other countries around the world facing similar challenges.
The event runs from 2:00 to 3:30 pm in 4310 Posvar Hall and online via Zoom. Registration is required. Dr. Park was the subject of a 2016 PittEd article on his contributions to Korean higher education. In 2013 he received a 225 Medallion from the University of Pittsburgh, which recognizes him as a distinguished alumnus. And his admiration for particularly impressive hibiscus he found in a Squirrel Hill front yard was published in the Chosun Ilbo, a flower and column that grabbed attention since the hibiscus (무궁화) is the national flower of South Korea.

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

2022 Japanese animated film Suzume (すずめの戸締まり) stays in Pittsburgh through May 10.

The 2022 Japanese animated film Suzume (すずめの戸締まり), which opened in Pittsburgh on April 13, will continue to remain here through at least May 10.
On the other side of the door, was time in its entirety— “Suzume” is a coming-of-age story for the 17-year-old protagonist, Suzume, set in various disaster-stricken locations across Japan, where she must close the doors causing devastation. Suzume’s journey begins in a quiet town in Kyushu (located in southwestern Japan) when she encounters a young man who tells her, “I’m looking for a door.” What Suzume finds is a single weathered door standing upright in the midst of ruins as though it was shielded from whatever catastrophe struck. Seemingly drawn by its power, Suzume reaches for the knob… Doors begin to open one after another all across Japan, unleashing destruction upon any who are near. Suzume must close these portals to prevent further disaster.
Suzume was the third-highest grossing film in Japan for 2022 and to this point is the third highest-grossing film there in 2023. It plays at the AMC Loews Waterfront and the Waterworks Cinema through the 27th and the AMC Loews Waterfront from the 28th through May 3rd. Tickets are available online.

PricewaterhouseCoopers hiring Mandarin-speaking Entry Level Talent Identification Associate-China Sourcing Initiative for Pittsburgh-based position.

PricewaterhouseCoopers is hiring Mandarin-speaking Entry Level Talent Identification Associate-China Sourcing Initiative for a remote position based in Pittsburgh (and in a number of other US cities).

To really stand out and make us fit for the future in a constantly changing world, each and every one of us at PwC needs to be a purpose-led and values-driven leader at every level. To help us achieve this we have the PwC Professional; our global leadership development framework. It gives us a single set of expectations across our lines, geographies and career paths, and provides transparency on the skills we need as individuals to be successful and progress in our careers, now and in the future.

As an Associate, you'll work as part of a team of problem solvers, helping to solve complex business issues from strategy to execution. PwC Professional skills and responsibilities for this management level include but are not limited to:

  • Invite and give in the moment feedback in a constructive manner.
  • Share and collaborate effectively with others.
  • Identify and make suggestions for improvements when problems and/or opportunities arise.
  • Handle, manipulate and analyse data and information responsibly.
  • Follow risk management and compliance procedures.
  • Keep up-to-date with developments in area of specialism.
  • Communicate confidently in a clear, concise and articulate manner - verbally and in the materials I produce.
  • Build and maintain an internal and external network.
  • Seek opportunities to learn about how PwC works as a global network of firms.
  • Uphold the firm's code of ethics and business conduct.

Friday, April 28, 2023

2008 film Ponyo (崖の上のポニョ) in Pittsburgh, May 7, 8, and 10.

The 2008 film Ponyo (崖の上のポニョ) will play in Pittsburgh on May 7, 8, and 10, part of this year's Studio Ghibli Fest. From the distributor:
Perfect for audiences of all ages, Ponyo centers on the friendship between five-year-old Sosuke and a magical goldfish named Ponyo, the young daughter of a sorcerer father and a sea-goddess mother. After a chance encounter, Ponyo yearns to become a human so she can be with Sosuke. As to be expected with Miyazaki, the film is awash in pure unbridled imagination and visual wonder — but it is the tender love, humor, and devotion exhibited by Ponyo and Sosuke that form the emotional heart of the film.
It plays locally at the AMC Loews Waterfront, the Waterworks Cinema, the Phoenix Theaters Luxury 14 in Bridgeville, and the Cinemark theaters in Monroeville, North Hills, and Robinson. Tickets are available online; the May 7 shows are dubbed in English, while the May 8 and 10 shows are in Japanese with English subtitles.

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Pitt hiring Visiting Instructor of Japanese for Fall 2023 start.

The University of Pittsburgh's Department of East Asian Languages & Literatures is hiring a Visiting Instructor of Japanese.
The Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures at the University of Pittsburgh invites applications for a visiting full-time instructor position in the Japanese language program starting Fall, 2023. Candidates must have native language proficiency; hold an M.A. in linguistics, applied linguistics, second language acquisition, or second language pedagogy; and be authorized to work for the University. Prior experience in teaching Japanese and prior experience in teaching with the performed culture approach is strongly preferred.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

2023 Korean Camp, April 27 - 29 in Oakland.

The Community of Reconciliation in Oakland is hosting a Korean Camp April 27 through 29, with introductions to Korean cooking, language, martial arts, games, and more. Registration may be completed online.

2023 Chinese film Born to Fly (长空之王) in Pittsburgh, from April 28.

The 2023 Chinese film Born to Fly (长空之王) will play in Pittsburgh from April 28. From the distributor:
After an unforeseen threat arises mid-air, a talented young air force test pilot (WANG Yibo) is forced to test not only the capabilities of his top-secret aircraft, but also his own physical and psychological limits, in order to survive.
It plays locally at the AMC Loews Waterfront and tickets are available online.

Fantuan hiring Mandarin-speaking Business Development Specialist for Pittsburgh area.

Fantuan, a delivery service catering to Asian restaurants and groceries that expanded to Pittsburgh in 2020, is hiring a Mandarin-speaking Business Development Specialist.

Fantuan was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2014. With a mission of “life made easier,” the company is a one-stop platform providing food delivery (Fantuan Delivery), reviews (Fantuan Reviews), an errand service (Fantuan Rush), e-commerce and marketing services. Fantuan is one of the top Asian life-services platforms in North America, currently operating across Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Los Angeles, New York and other metropolitan areas in Canada and the US.

Job Title: Business Development Specialist

Job Responsibility:

1. Facing local merchants, understand the business status and needs of the merchants, combine the needs of consumers, select and design marketing and operation plans that fit for the merchants, negotiate and reach cooperation with the merchants, and promote the increase of merchant transaction volume.

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