Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Take advantage of free Chinese, Japanese, Korean classes in Pittsburgh this semester.

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is an invaluable source of free and enriching programming for people of all ages. Most relevant to this site are the free Chinese, Japanese, and Korean courses at an increasing number of branches. The start of a new school year is an excellent time to revisit this list of free courses available for children, complete novices, high-beginners, intermediate learners, and advanced speakers.

Monday, August 20, 2018

SAP Ariba hiring for bilingual Mandarin-English Procurement Operations Specialist positions in Pittsburgh.

SAP Ariba, "the world’s business commerce network," is again hiring for overnight bilingual Mandarin-English Procurement Operations Specialist positions in Pittsburgh. The job posting, via a staffing agency:
Mandarin/English language skills Sun-TH 8PM-5 AM -18.27

Job Description Overview

The Procurement Operations Specialist is the face and voice of Company to our customers, building relationships in each interaction. Specialists help our customers maximize the benefits of Ariba solutions to facilitate a global exchange of goods and services in the world's largest business to business trading community. They use their expertise and collaborate with team members and customers across the globe to provide detailed solutions that exceed expectations.

"Storytime: Japanese and English" at Carnegie Library in East Liberty, August 21.

The next installment of the monthly program "Storytime: Japanese and English" will take place on August 21 at the Carnegie Library in East Liberty.
Celebrate our city’s diverse culture as we explore new words through songs, action rhymes and stories in both English and Japanese for children and their parents or caregivers. For children age birth – 5 and their caregivers.
It runs from 11:00 to 11:30 am. The library is located at 130 S. Whitfield St. (map).

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Pitt professor hiring bilingual Chinese-English research assistant.

A professor in the University of Pittsburgh's Department of East Asian Languages & Literatures is looking to hire a bilingual Chinese-English Pitt student for a temporary research assistant position.
This is a temporary position. Research assistant is being sought to assist a research professor to transcribe and code audio recordings of English and Chinese speeches of students in educational setting. Must have native-like proficiency in both languages, good computing skills, and some experience or interest in language learning research. This temporary position involves working (on a computer, in a place of the assistant’s own convenience) for a total of 20 to 30 hours, which can span over 2 to 4 weeks.

Job Requirements
The ideal candidate should:
- Possess excellent typing skills and preferably some experience with audio transcription;
- Have native-like proficiency in both Chinese and English;
- Be responsible and interested in language research;
- Have access to a computer, the Internet, Pitt BOX, and can work independently in a place of his/her own convenience;
- Be able to meet the Principle Investigator (research professor) for a few times to discuss the project;
- Be able to completes the work (around 30 hours) in 2-4 weeks.

2018 Silk Screen Asian American Film Festival schedule just released; includes films from China, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan.

Tickets went on sale today for the 2018 Silk Screen Asian American Film Festival, and this year's iteration includes films from. The festival runs from September 21 through September 30 at several theaters in the Pittsburgh areas, and films include:

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Masaaki Yuasa's The Night is Short, Walk On Girl (夜は短し歩けよ乙女) in Pittsburgh, August 21 and 22.

Masaaki Yuasa's The Night is Short, Walk On Girl (夜は短し歩けよ乙女) will play in the Pittsburgh area on August 21 and 22. A summary from the distributor:
Acclaimed anime director Masaaki Yuasa, took a decade off directing feature animation only to return with two remarkable features in the same year – both selections in the festival, alongside his midnight classic Mind Game.

Night is Short, Walk on Girl takes place over the course of one strange night as a nameless young woman, known only as “the girl with black hair,” walks the streets of Kyoto and experiences a series of surreal encounters and odd characters, drinking middle-aged salarymen under the table, exploring an all-night used bookstore with a bird goblin, helping a guerilla theater company express their feelings… all the while unaware of the romantic longings of Senpai, a fellow student who has been creating increasingly fantastic and contrived reasons to run into her, in an effort to win her heart. The perfect “I guess it’s romantic?” comedy for the modern age, Night is Short is a celebration of the unconventional, confusing routes that love and life can take.
The movie will play at the Cinemark theaters in Monroeville and Robinson, and tickets are available online. The movie will play in Japanese with English subtitles.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

CitySpade hiring Chinese-speaking Real Estate Sales Associate in Pittsburgh.

CitySpade has just announced openings for Chinese-speaking real estate sales associates in Pittsburgh.
CitySpade is a real estate brokerage firm founded in 2014 by three alumni from NYU. Based in New York City, CitySpade now expands all over the US, with offices in Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Shanghai, Texas and California. The Company consists of a group of energetic young professionals who share the same passion for improving people's urban living. As the professional housing consultant, the Company strives to provide up-to-date rental listings and quality household services. With comprehensive knowledge of the local rental market and exceptional one-on-one client services, the Company empowers its clients to find their dream homes. To better assist our clients, the Company also provides a package service including real-time online consultation, worry-free roommate matching, sight unseen services, and various household services throughout the year.

OPT/CPT E-Verify H1B Sponsor

WholeRen Education hiring Chinese-speaking Video Editor.

Oakland-based Chinese education consulting and placement firm WholeRen Education (美国厚仁教育集团) has announced an opening for a Chinese-speaking video editor.
美国厚仁教育集团 WholeRen, LLC 成立于2010年,现有5家子公司,全美各地8个分部分别坐落于匹兹堡,纽约,西雅图,波士顿,洛杉矶,旧金山,DC,东兰辛。厚仁旨在提供基于美国的全面教育与发展,为学生制定全方位的留学服务,包括美国初/高中留学申请和转学、美国本科/研究生申请和转学、学术紧急应对学术辅导、美国寄宿家庭服务、微留学、背景提升和职业规划等。厚仁教育是全美首家获得美国国际招生协会AIRC权威认证的留学服务机构,曾接受CCTV、纽约时报、华尔街日报等主流媒体特约专访,是最了解美中教育差异的专家,是指导留美学生成功的导师。


1. 协助拍摄公司需要的视频材料

2. 独立完成视频剪辑工作

3. 独立完成主管安排的其他与视频剪辑相关的工作

GlobalPittsburgh Happy Hour with visiting Yasuda Women's University students, September 6.

Interior of Pitt's Cathedral of Learning, from the 2019 Yasuda Women's University promotional catalog.

GlobalPittsburgh's next First Thursdays Happy Hour on September 6 will welcome students from Yasuda Women's University (安田女子大学) in Hiroshima.
Meet globally-minded people from Pittsburgh and all over the world to make new friends and learn more about different cultures at our GlobalPittsburgh First Thursdays monthly happy hour. Bring your friends, family, and colleagues or come alone - we are a very friendly group!

In September, our guests will be a group of female students from Yasuda University in Japan. They will be coming to Pittsburgh to study English at the University of Pittsburgh English Language Institute.
A cohort of undergraduates has studied each fall at the University of Pittsburgh's English Language Institute since 2016.
The event runs from 5:30 to 8:00 pm at Roland's Seafood Grill in the Strip District (map), and tickets are available online.

WholeRen Education hiring Chinese-speaking Marketing Specialist.

Pittsburgh-based Chinese education consulting and placement firm WholeRen Education (美国厚仁教育集团) has announced an opening for a Chinese-speaking Marketing Specialist.

美国厚仁教育集团 WholeRen, LLC 成立于2010年,现有5家子公司,全美各地8个分部分别坐落于匹兹堡,纽约,西雅图,波士顿,洛杉矶,旧金山,DC,东兰辛。厚仁旨在提供基于美国的全面教育与发展,为学生制定全方位的留学服务,包括美国初/高中留学申请和转学、美国本科/研究生申请和转学、学术紧急应对学术辅导、美国寄宿家庭服务、微留学、背景提升和职业规划等。厚仁教育是全美首家获得美国国际招生协会AIRC权威认证的留学服务机构,曾接受CCTV、纽约时报、华尔街日报等主流媒体特约专访,是最了解美中教育差异的专家,是指导留美学生成功的导师。


1. 撰写产品简介,宣传文案;

2. 拓展市场,制定宣传策略;


4. 进行线上线下市场宣传。