Friday, February 10, 2012

New Japanese restaurant in Highland Park.

Teppanyaki Kyoto Restaurant soft-opened last month in Pittsburgh's Highland Park, with an authentic menu that includes okonomiyaki, Hiroshima okonomiyaki, yakisoba, and other dishes. It's located on 5808 Bryant St., a short drive from the Pittsburgh Zoo, and right now they're only accepting reservations (no walk-ins); call 412-441-1610 to make one.

Check their Facebook page for pictures, updates, and activity.

KTV on South Craig Street

Few details available so far in English, but some Chinese students at Pitt and CMU have opened a KTV (karaoke) spot in Pittsburgh's Oakland neighborhood, on South Craig Street. Stay tuned to the KTV@Pittsburgh Facebook page for updates (in Chinese for now). Given the large number of Asian, and Asiaphile, students at the local universities in Oakland, the absence of a proper Asian-style karaoke establishment in Pittsburgh was puzzling.

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