Monday, June 4, 2012

Cambodian fusion rock band Dengue Fever in Pittsburgh, June 7th.

Dengue Fever will play East Liberty's Shadow Lounge (map) on June 7th. For the benefit of this post's title they're a "Cambodian fusion rock band", but both Wikipedia and the venue's site have more in-depth introductions:
Dengue Fever, whose exotic blend of Cambodian rock, Afro grooves, surf, and garage psych returns with Cannibal Courtship, the group’s first studio album since 2008’s Venus on Earth and their Fantasy Records/Concord Music Group debut. With 11 new tunes, Cannibal Courtship, features songs sung in English, and Khmer (Cambodian). The album also features beautiful backing harmonies by The Living Sisters. With Cannibal Courtship, the band has reached a powerful new plateau, deftly balancing the wide-ranging influences that inform their sound and songs. Longtime fans will get their required dose of Nimol’s haunting vocals and the band’s spooky, kinetic, mood-swinging sound on the new disc but the group, which produced the set together, has upped the creative ante.
A couple of songs from their latest release: