Friday, March 1, 2013

Japanese Anthropology Workshop (JAWS) in Pittsburgh, March 7 - 9.

The 2013 Japanese Anthropology Workshop (JAWS) will take place at the University of Pittsburgh from March 7 through March 9. Few details and little information are available online, but the theme is "Mobility in Japan", and the website did say last year of Pittsburgh:
Pittsburgh is a great city with a lot of things to do, so it will be a fun place to hold the conference, and the University of Pittsburgh has a strong Japan focus.


  1. Thanks!

    The only thing that appears to be open to the public is the keynote address. Here's what's written about it by the Asian Studies Center at Pitt:

    ‎2013 Japan Anthropology Workshop (JAWS) Keynote Address: ‘Graying Gap Society’ Meets ‘Immigration Nation’: How is Japan Imagining Mobilities in its Future?

    GLENDA ROBERTS, Director of International Studies Program, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University

    In recent years, various influential voices in Japan have proposed that the country open itself to immigration as a partial solution to revitalize the economy, to prop up the demographic decline, and in recognition of already present streams of migration who enter through “side” or “back” doors. Where will Japan go from here? In this presentation, Roberts traces connections among developments in migration policy in recent years. While pro-immigration voices are present, the prospect for any “opening up” of Japan remains murky, due in no small part to the failures evident in various policies up to now as well as the economic recessions of the past two decades, exacerbated by the disastrous earthquake and nuclear accident of 3/11. The recent change in political regimes, however, is bringing back a more “pro” immigration rhetoric.

    FRIDAY, MARCH 8th from 6:00—7:30 PM in the Pittsburgh Athletic Association, Main Dining Room
    (across from the Cathedral of Learning at the corner of Fifth and Bigelow)

    NOTE: Dress code for this event is business/business casual due to the facility’s regulations (no jeans or t-shirts).


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