Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"I want to repay the love I received"; local adoptee pays it forward in Korea.

On March 27, Yonhap--the South Korean wire service--ran a profile on Sarah Lynch, a local woman and Korean-American adoptee who recently visited Korea and volunteered with a Seoul orphanage. The Eastern Social Welfare Society (동방사회복지회) has the story in English; an excerpt:
On May 21, a truck which was full of diapers came out at Eastern Social Welfare Society.

The person who appeared with the truck was one of ESWS adoptees, Sara Lynch(24). She was adopted to a family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when 6 months, and she has been working as a tennis coach for two years, under the influence of her father who once a tennis player.

Sara Lynch visited ESWS to present diapers to the babies waiting for a loving home. She organized this drive to pay it forward and show appreciation for the love given to her from ESWS, by putting her story on the online fundraising site and asking people join in it on Facebook.

She put on it on online fundraising site( on January 1 for a guide of 2,000USD, however, it passed the initial goal and she finally received 5,710USD within 4 months to her surprise.
With 5,700USD, she purchased rice cereals, body lotions, toys, blankets and ointments of the worth of 1,600USD in person in the U.S.A. And she purchased 85 boxes of diapers after a discussion with Eastern Social Welfare Society with the rest of fund.
Loads of photos and stories from her visit in April and May are on her trip's Facebook page.