Monday, July 21, 2014

"The U.S. Pivot to Asia: Why ASEAN Matters", July 24.

The World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh will present "The U.S. Pivot to Asia: Why ASEAN Matters", a Breakfast Briefing on July 24 with Ambassador (Ret.) David Carden.
The Obama Administration’s strategic recalibration toward Asia — commonly known as the “Asia pivot” — is well-documented and has been addressed by political leaders, analysts, and pundits, but the stakes have never been higher. With a combined population of some four billion people, the region is as much a trendsetter and economic powerhouse as it is a flashpoint in geopolitics. From the on-going tension between China and its neighbors, to natural disasters such as Typhoon Haiyan, to emerging economies and their resource needs, to the growing economic opportunities, to the ambitious negotiations for a 21st century trade agreement under the auspices of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Asia-Pacific presents complex challenges as well as significant opportunities.

Join the World Affairs Council to learn from a former senior diplomat to the region and business practitioner about America’s evolving relationship with the Asia-Pacific region in the 21st century.
Tickets are $25 for WAC members and $50 for everyone else.