Thursday, May 14, 2015

Izakaya to open in Lawrenceville in August.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writes this afternoon about an izakaya called Umami to open in Lawrenceville above the Round Corner Cantina (map). It is the next project of Robert Li, formerly of Tamari, and anticipates an August open.
The izakaya, or Japanese pub, will feature, "traditional Japanese dishes using modern techniques and local ingredients. Every dish will have umami flavors," he said.

Mr. Li will start construction this month and he's shooting for an August opening. Though it's part of the Round Corner building, it will have its own entrance at 202 38th St.

Umami will have a sushi bar and an infared robata or a charcoal binchotan grill. He'll also serve ramen, housemade tofu, gyoza (Japanese dumplings) and other Japanese street food. His drink menu will include sake, cocktails and Japanese whisky.

He found his inspiration for the izakaya while traveling around Japan.

"Izakayas are my favorite places to go out to eat and have a beverage,“ he said. ”After seeing the true izakayas, I was really interested in doing the concept."