Tuesday, February 23, 2016

1978 movie Shaolin Challenges Ninja (中華丈夫) at Hollywood Theater, February 27.

The movie Shaolin Challenges Ninja (中華丈夫) will play at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont on February 27.
LoveHKFilm provides a plot summary of the movie also known as Heroes of the East:
An arranged marriage between a proud Chinese man and a fiery Japanese woman leads to a variety of domestic squabbles, numerous cross-cultural misunderstandings, and a martial arts battle of epic proportions in this entertaining Shaw Brothers fight fest from master director Lau Kar-Leung.
Tickets are available online for the 9:30 pm show. The theater is located at 1449 Potomac Ave. in Dormont (map), and is accessible by Pittsburgh's subway/LRT at a block south of Potomac Station.