Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cheongju delegation visits Pittsburgh to learn winter weather response.

Following a visit to Paterson, NJ on the 24th, The Record writes that Pittsburgh was an upcoming destination for a group of visiting Cheongju public servants. Cheongju is a South Korean city of about 843,000, located at roughly the same longitude as Virginia Beach.
"As the winter weather response and safety issue has become direr to the needs of our residents," Po Young Yi, the natural-disaster director for [Cheongju], wrote the county in a Jan. 29 letter requesting a visit [to Patterson], "we have formed a delegation to send to the USA to learn the best practices of winter weather response."
. . .
For the rest of their trip, they planned to visit public works departments in Montgomery County, Md., and Pittsburgh.
The delegation met with the Pittsburgh Department of Public Works on Friday the 26th.