Sunday, December 18, 2016

First Night Pittsburgh is last night for Ryoki Ikeda's DATA.MATRIX.

via artist's official site.

Ryoji Ikeda's DATA.MATRIX, an installation at the Wood Street Galleries downtown since September 23, will close on December 31. The Galleries will be open from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm as part of First Night Pittsburgh. Ikeda's official site explains the installation:
matrix is a series of sound installations employing pure sine waves and white noises as a sculptural material. The installations are designed in response to specific gallery spaces or public sites selected by Ikeda. Sine wave are one of the purest forms of sound, white noise contains the full frequency spectrum randomly. As visitors pass through the sound field, subtle oscillation patterns occur around their ears, caused by their own movements interfering with the sounds. It is a very personal experience, and only through the visitors' physical engagement in the sound space can the real character of the work be perceived.
And the Pittsburgh City-Paper calls this fall's installation:
by turns stimulating, calming, absorbing and challenging. While brief in duration and seemingly visually simple, it carries a heavyweight punch its bantam stature belies.
The Wood Street Galleries is located at 601 Wood St. (map).