Tuesday, July 25, 2017

HCL Technologies hiring Bilingual Japanese Query Understanding Analyst for position onsite at Google.

HCL Technologies is hiring a Bilingual Japanese Query Understanding Analyst for a position working onsite at Google in Larimer. The posting, via Monster.com:
Bilingual Japanese Query Understanding Analyst is a full-time job through HCL America, Inc. onsite at Google Pittsburgh. You will work to enhance users’ online shopping experience by performing in-depth product research, analyzing the user query stream, and improving query classifier performance using highly technical internal tools and processes. It is part of a fast-paced environment, partnering closely with operations and engineering teams. Native or near-native Japanese reading/writing fluency is preferred and spending significant time living/working in the Japanese culture is a plus.

● Research product spaces to identify areas of improvement in query understanding.

● Generate training and evaluation data for the query classifier and query parser.

● Write short scripts to improve the performance of the query classifier and query parser.

● Analyze and fix gaps in query classifier performance.

● Evaluate attributes and fine grained concepts mined from the query stream.

● Develop deep expertise in the Google product taxonomy.

● Native and/or near native Japanese language reading/writing fluency

● A Bachelor’s degree preferred with a strong academic record. Master’s degree a plus.

● Strong computer and internet navigation skills and natural comfort with technology. Ability to learn technical processes quickly.

● Other attributes:

○ adaptable

○ organized

○ intellectual curiosity

○ excellent research skills

○ analytical and problem-solving skills

○ works well both independently and with teams

○ able to perform repetitive and detailed analytical work accurately and consistently

○ capable of delivering high-quality results on tight deadlines with minimum guidance

Additional skills but not required:
● Current cultural knowledge and/or working knowledge in the Japanese community is preferred.

● Scripting abilities, particularly Javascript, Google Apps Script, or SQL.

● Experience with online shopping.

● Background in linguistics or other field involving textual analysis and information organization.

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