Friday, September 1, 2017

K-pop / C-pop / J-pop dance club in the Pitt News.

This morning's Pitt News
, the student newspaper of the University of Pittsburgh, has a front-page story on FRESA, a student-run K-pop / C-pop / J-pop dance club.
“There’s this weird lack of Asian faces in the American music scene, so seeing someone from Asia being really popular and being good at performing and dancing was really interesting to me,” [group member Lynn] Urbina said. “I really connected with that.”

Urbina found a space to express her love of K-pop, music and dancing at Pitt when she joined FRESA, an Asian dance club on campus, during her sophomore year. The senior mechanical engineering major became FRESA’s president this year.

FRESA, short for Fresh Entertainment by Student Artists, allows its members to recreate their favorite Asian pop music videos and step into the shoes of their K-pop, C-pop and J-pop — or Korean, Chinese and Japanese pop — idols.