Monday, March 26, 2018

Mongolia's HAYA making US debut at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, April 5.

The Mongolian music group Haya (Хаяа), will make its US debut on April 5 at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. A profile of the "Migrations" concert, from its management company:
“Migration” is about searching for one’s own spiritual home, experiencing the beauty of life itself, and returning to a simplistic, survivalist lifestyle. HAYA Band’s “Migration” Concert employs innovative musical language alongside classic traditional songs, fusing a variety of musical elements such as chants, the Mongolian horsehead fiddle, plucked string instruments, throat singing, and shaman drums. Their music is refined and captivating. Their shows have a distinct “ceremonious” feel. Migration provides us with a path for escape from this fast-paced modern world, a contemporary migration to another realm, one surrounded by the wonders of nature and life.
Tickets for the 8:00 pm show are available for $16 to $30 online. IUP is located roughly 60 miles east of Pittsburgh, and the concert will be held in the Fisher Auditorium of the IUP Performing Arts Center (map).