Tuesday, November 27, 2018

New Chinese movie A Cool Fish (无名之辈) in Pittsburgh, from November 30.

The new Chinese movie A Cool Fish (无名之辈) will play at AMC Loews in the Waterfront from November 30. The movie, which premiered in China on November 16, was its number one film the weekend of November 23rd. The distributor summarizes:
A low-end robber, a roguish security guard, a potty-mouthed but disable hellcat, and a group of nobodies, their life paths start intersecting one day because of a lost gun and a heist, which leads to a series of comical accidents.
Tickets are available online via Fandango. The theater is located at 300 West Waterfront Dr. in the Waterfront shopping complex in Homestead (map), across the Monongahela River from Greenfield, Squirrel Hill, and the rest of Pittsburgh.