Friday, September 21, 2012

"Ramen Bar" coming to Squirrel Hill.


Construction is underway at "ウー Ramen Bar", a new ramen place in Pittsburgh's Squirrel Hill. The sign went up recently on 5860 Forbes Ave. (map), most recently a short-lived pasta place. It'll be interesting to see what this becomes: an authentic Japanese- or Chinese-style place, or a generic Asian soup kitchen. I'm hoping for the former. The katakana is pronounced uu.


Now Pittsburghers interested in decent Japanese-style ramen have to travel to Yama in Morgantown, WV. Given all the Asian students, and Asian-food lovers, in Pittsburgh's East End, the absence of certain staples is surprising. We got Asian-style karaoke/KTV/노래방 this week, so maybe real ramen isn't far behind.

[11/30/12 update: Now open]


  1. Any idea when it opens? I'm excited!

  2. Nope, not yet. I'll be checking, though.

  3. very interesting blog. are you asian? :)

  4. Ramen Bar soft-opened on November 30, and should be open for regularly-scheduled hours next week.


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