Sunday, September 9, 2012

Asian-style karaoke / KTV finally coming to Pittsburgh September 16.

From KTV@Pittsburgh Facebook page.

Way back in February we read about Asian-style KTV (karaoke) coming to Oakland, but were frustrated about no updates, and no updates in English, since. Now, it looks like KBOX will finally open on September 16th, on 214 S. Craig St (map). Given the large number of Asian, and Asiaphile, students at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, the absence of a proper Asian-style karaoke place was puzzling. The KTV@Pittsburgh Facebook page has some updates and pictures of their soft opens. It should do very well.

The difference between this and carry okee night at the roadhouse down by the interstate is that at an Asian place, in Asia, you rent a small room with your friends and sing privately, as opposed to singing to the whole dining room---like at most bars and Pittsburgh's Green Pepper, unfortunately---whether they want to listen to you or not.

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