Friday, October 12, 2012

Rose Tea Cafe coming to Oakland.

Signage has gone up on 414 S. Craig St. (map) in one of the last remaining empty storefronts there for what will be a new Rose Tea Cafe. Rose Tea Cafe currently has a location in Squirrel Hill on Forbes Ave., and is a good, authentic Taiwanese restaurant that will be a welcome addition to that side of Oakland. I first read about the new restaurant in July, and heard about it on the bus some time before that, so it's been a while in the making, or building.


  1. Just found your site by searching for news about the Ramen Bar under construction in Squirrel Hill, and I am so excited by so many of the news items you are providing! I am so happy at all the transformation that has been going on in Pittsburgh over the last 5 years to satisfy all our Asian-food cravings. Great blog!

  2. Thank you, DPLK, I'm glad you like it!


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