Sunday, October 28, 2012

10/28/12 Linklets

* The popularity of ballet in Japan combined with limited opportunities for dancers means companies in the US are attracting student and stars, and Pittsburgh is no exception, writes the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today.

* One blog asks if the Pirates will pursue Shohei Otani, a promising 18-year-old pitcher out of Japan. It says that new rules regarding international free agents means the Pirates could have a more level playing field when it come to signing top Japanese players. (However, unless he's a utility infielder or a 30-something relief pitcher, the Pirates probably won't touch him.)

* A story on a Lehigh Valley couple introducing Asian pears to Pennsylvania.

* Local idiocy makes the Korean news, again, as outlets have picked up the story out of Beaver Falls of a man who shot a 9-year-old girl in a skunk costume because he thought she was a skunk. Who shoots skunks?

* And speaking of American gun play, this season is the 20th anniversary of the murder of Yoshihiro Hattori, a 16-year-old Japanese exchange student shot and killed in Louisiana when he accidentally went to the wrong house for a Halloween party in October 1992. The shooter was charged with manslaughter but claimed self-defense and was acquitted, and the incident called "just one of those unfortunate things" by the Louisiana governor, but was, and is, a huge story in Japan. The Japan Times, among other outlets, this month picked up on Hattori's mother's continued efforts for justice, and her attempts to encourage stricter gun-control laws in the US.