Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Korean Food Bazaar fundraiser in Shadyside, October 5.

The Korean Culture Association tells us about a Korean food bazaar happening October 5 at the Korean Central Church of Pittsburgh (피츠버그한인중앙교회) in Shadyside (map):
There will be a food bazaar fund raiser this Saturday at church (Located on 821 South Aiken, Shady Side) from 2:30-4pm for the University of Pittsburgh Korean Heritage Room. You can contact Hain Byeon ( to pre-order any of the items below.

bulgogi (불고기) - $12.00
gim bab (김밥) - $ 5.00
dduk bokk gi (떡볶이) - $5.00
goon mandoo (군만두) - $5.00
yook gae jang (육개장) - $8.00
hae mul pa jun (해물파전)- $2.00
shik hae (식혜)- $3.50
california rolls - $5.00
gut jul ee (겉절이) - $5.00
ho dduk (호떡) - $1.00
pat shi lu dduk (팥시루떡) - $4.00
Pre-ordering is not necessary, though, a comment beneath the post says. This church is the site of the annual Korean Food Bazaar each May.

Proceeds for the October 5 event will benefit the Korean Heritage Room Committee, which is working to build a Korean Heritage Room in the University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning in 2014. More about the Korean Heritage Room here.

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