Thursday, October 3, 2013

Taiwanese film Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (明天記得愛上我) part of Pittsburgh LGBT Film Festival, October 13.

The Taiwanese movie Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (明天記得愛上我) will play on October 13 as part of Reel Q Pittsburgh LGBT Film Festival. Slant magazine provides a summary:
The weight of expectations and unrealized possibilities in love hampers both Weichung (Richie Jen) and Mandy (Kimi Hsia), siblings who find themselves uneasy when faced with the impending demands of domesticity. For Mandy, the issue is her engagement to Sen-Sen (Stone), a reliable, bland hubby-in-waiting, who she dumps after an existentially panicked episode in a department store. Weichung's issues, however, are a bit more cumbersome. Just as his wife, Feng (Mavis Fan), opens discussions about a second child, Weichung's homosexual urges, once thought repressed, reemerge and lead to open flirtations and dates with a nerd-dreamy flight attendant (Wong Ko Lok). Rather than stressing the familial bond between brother and sister, writer-director Chen introduces a team of hip gay men, led by marriage planner Stephen (Lawrence Ko), who both council confused Weichung and give Sen-Sen a makeover.
The movie starts at 5:00 pm and, like all movies in the festival, will be shown at the Harris Theater in the Cultural District (map).