Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Construction underway on Korean Heritage Room in Cathedral of Learning.

Korean Heritage Room Pitt
One design by Arumjigi (아름지기). See also.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today has an article on the construction of the Korean Heritage Room, which is well underway on the third floor of the University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning. An excerpt:
Five South Korean carpenters who are experts in traditional Korean architecture arrived on the University of Pittsburgh campus in early May for the final stages of constructing the Korean Heritage Classroom in Room 304.

They are working on what soon will be the 30th of the Nationality Rooms, which occupy the first and third floors of the Cathedral of Learning. Most are used as classrooms when the university is in session.

Plans for the Korean Room started in July 2007. Carpenters in South Korea began last year to prepare the wood, which was shipped here in March to give it time to acclimate before it was put together.

The room represents Korea as a whole, inspired by a 14th-century structure from the Sungkyunkwan (Royal Academy) in Seoul. The carpentry is based on the main building, the Myeong-nyundang (Hall of Enlightenment). The building was constructed in 1398 to educate the children of high-ranking families.
The dedication ceremony is scheduled for November 15.