Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Japanese movie Jellyfish Eyes (めめめのくらげ) at Hollywood Theater, July 15

The Hollywood Theater in Dormont announced today that it will show the 2013 Japanese movie Jellyfish Eyes (めめめのくらげ) on July 15 at 7:30 pm. A summary, from Chicago Reader:
It takes place in a small town where all the kids have fantastic-looking pets that they command with electronic devices, unaware that the pets have been created by a sinister organization as part of a mind-control plot. The creatures—which range from a human-sized frog to a sprite with a big metal box for a head—provide a worthy showcase for Murakami's prodigious visual imagination; not coincidentally, the principal theme is how imagination can play a constructive role in child development, as the kids learn to stop pitting the creatures against each other and use them collaboratively.
Additional background on the artist and the movie is available in a 2013 Wall Street Journal interview. Tickets range from $5 to $8 and are available online. The theater is located at 1449 Potomac Ave. in Dormont (map), and is accessible by Pittsburgh's subway/LRT at a block south of Potomac Station.