Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Moving closer to Bruster's ice cream in South Korea.

In May 2013 we read about Bruster's plans to further expand overseas to markets like South Korea and Saudi Arabia. A Monday press release offers more details about the plans to open locations in Seoul and Busan:
A 10-unit development agreement for its first Asian shops has been signed with Lee & Brusters, Inc.

Site selection for two locations is underway in Seoul and Busan. The first Bruster’s will open in late 2015 or early 2016.

“I became familiar with Bruster’s amazing ice cream when I was living in Atlanta,” said Hye Young Lee, CEO of Lee & Brusters, Inc., which was created to develop Bruster’s in South Korea. “Bruster’s premium, freshly made ice cream will be a huge success, as it is far superior to the factory produced, deep frozen product sold by other chains.”
To quote from the May 2013 post, with updated figures:
If Bruster's does open in Korea, its ice cream will complete most fiercely with Baskin Robbins (1,148 locations) and Cold Stone Creamery (27 locations), two popular western chains there. Red Mango (47 locations) and Smoothie King (162 locations) are two others covering similar territory. Surprisingly, self-serve yogurt places like Razzy Fresh or Sweet Berry---where customers choose their own flavors of soft-serve and add their own toppings---haven't taken off.
It's interesting to note, though, how things have changed in the last two years: Cold Stone and Red Mango locations have decreased by nearly half, while Baskin Robbins has added another 103 stores since May 2013.