Thursday, July 16, 2015

Chinese man pedaling rickshaw around the world stops in Washington, PA.

The Observer-Reporter writes about Chen Guan Ming, the 61-year-old Chinese man pedaling a rickshaw around the world again ahead of the 2016 Olympic Games. He stopped in Washington, PA on the 14th.
From their vantage point at Campbell Street and Avella Road, the employees of the Avella Uni-Mart are witness to the happenings of the small town.

They can watch the trucks from the volunteer fire department speed by and funeral processions inch along the brick road.

Tuesday, they spotted a white-haired Chinese man pushing a rickshaw up to their front door.

Chen Guan Ming, a farmer from Eastern China, stopped by the convenience store for a quick bite on his way to Pittsburgh.

“I bought him two slices of pizza,” said employee John Runyon. “We offered him water, but he wanted ice, so we filled up his thermos. Then he used the bathroom.”
So that's the news out of Independence Township. His schedule isn't posted online, but you can follow where he is on his Facebook page. A reader says he was spotted in Pittsburgh on Wednesday.