Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Asian-style karaoke/ktv/노래방 coming to Squirrel Hill.

A new Asian-style karaoke place is coming to Squirrel Hill. Construction appears to finally be underway at 6316 Forbes Ave. (map), near the corner of Shady Ave., on "C & Z Ktv".

The latest building permit on the window dates to May 28, 2015, and calls for "Interior renovations to 1832 sq ft for recreation and entertainment (limited) in one story structure for karaoke". The owners are the proprietors of "Dragon Chinese Restaurant" in Verona.

The area's first Asian-style karaoke place, K-Box, opened on South Craig St. in Oakland in September 2012. A few Korean restaurants in the area have karaoke, but do not offer the small, private rooms ubiquitous throughout East Asia.

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