Thursday, August 20, 2015

Filipino movie The Love Affair at AMC Loews Waterfront from August 21.

The 2015 Filipino movie The Love Affair will play at AMC Loews Waterfront from Friday, August 21. A press release summarizes the film, which was released in the Philippines on August 12:
[T]he movie tells the story of Vince ([Richard] Gomez) and Tricia ([Dawn] Zulueta), a married couple undergoing problems after she seems to have cheated on her husband.

It becomes more complicated when Vince crosses paths with Adie ([Bea] Alonzo), a lawyer he meets while seeking to have his marriage with Tricia annulled.
Showtime and ticket information is available from the theater's website.

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  1. I just showed this to my mom (She really wanted to watch it) and it's gone.......... Is there any other showing for this?


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