Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Korean Heritage Room at Pitt shaping up.

Via the Pitt News.

The Pitt News, the student newspaper at the University of Pittsburgh, has an article on the progress of the Korean Heritage Room, set to open in the Cathedral of Learning on November 15.
Minah Lee, the Architect-of-Record and designer of the room, said she and the other designers wanted the construction of the room to revolve around Korean pride, or “jajonsim.” She, Myounghee Song, Kim Bong-ryol, and Sang C. Park, the other designers of the facility, worked through the summer on the room, which is scheduled to open on Nov. 15.

The room will feature an 82-inch interactive Samsung LCD to display lessons. The inclusion of such technology is the first for any of the Nationality Rooms.
The decision to include technology was made to commemorate South Korea and its role in the electronic industry.

“We are so proud to have the LCD in the room,” Park said, adding that chalkboards and the like could be very messy and time consuming.
And as Pennsylvasia wrote in 2012:
That duality is a common theme in Korean national brand marketing, and this room will reflect both a traditional image of Korea (at least a traditional image of old Korean universities) and a modern one, given South Korea is an industry-leader in electronics (like the touchscreen monitors made by Samsung and LG, for instance).
Fundraising began in 2008, one year after room 304 on the third floor of the Cathedral was earmarked for the Korean room, and construction began in June.
Korean Heritage Room Pitt
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