Friday, August 28, 2015

KBox gets liquor license, offers 20% off through September 27.

KBox emailed yesterday to say they recently received a liquor license and added drink specials to the menu. They are also offering a back-to-school special of 20% off room rates through September 27. Finally, they are also planning to add wireless microphones and LED tables to all rooms.

KBox is Pittsburgh's first Asian-style karaoke / ktv / 노래방---and only one, until the new Squirrel Hill one opens---that opened in September 2012 at 214 S. Craig St. in Oakland (map). More information, and song lists, are available at its website.

The difference between Asian-style places and carry okee night at the bar on Thursdays is that at an Asian place, in Asia, you rent a small room with your friends and sing privately, as opposed to singing to the whole dining room whether it wants to listen to you or not.

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