Wednesday, August 16, 2017

"Andrew Ooi : IOI OOI New Primitives" at BoxHeart Gallery, August 22 - September 22.

BoxHeart Gallery will present Andrew Ooi and his "IOI OOI New Primitives" exhibition from August 22 to September 22.
Andrew Ooi : IOI OOI New Primitives features a series of objects that reassess principles of painting and sculpture through a combination of primitive design and novel application of Japanese joinery and origami techniques. With a limited color palette, Ooi paints studied shapes and patterns onto individual strips of handmade gampi-fiber papers, he previously cut to size. He then folds the hundreds to thousands of painted strips into each other to create artworks with multiple planes – including a front and a back, inside and outside – similar to various prehistoric textiles, vessels, and adornments. Ooi’s intentional use of paper in constructing the artifacts by hand is a contemporary evolution of the stone, sticks, and finger-painting-in-the-sand methods of long ago.
The gallery will host a free reception with the artist on August 26 from 5 to 8 pm. BoxHeart Expressions and Gallery is located at 4523 Liberty Ave. in Bloomfield (map).

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