Thursday, August 17, 2017

NextPittsburgh on 15 local Asian restaurants to check out.

Photo via Top Shabu Shabu.

Tom O'Connor of NextPittsburgh released a list of "15 Asian restaurants in Pittsburgh that should be on your radar" tonight, with a nice assortment of local places with, or gaining, acclaim for their authenticity.

Tom asked me for comment, and I shared something I've mentioned elsewhere on the growth of authentic Asian places vis-a-vis the increase in international students in Pittsburgh:
The growth in international students is an important factor, but it’s also entrepreneurs finding opportunities to introduce more authentic dishes to neighborhoods willing to support them[.] You have more diners, international and domestic alike, open to — even demanding — real, authentic food.
Several recent profiles on the Asian restaurant scene have focused on that increase, particularly among Chinese students. For further reading on that angle, try: