Thursday, August 17, 2017

Oakland's Love Yogurt now Love Ramen.

Love Yogurt, which opened at 229 Atwood St. in Oakland (map) in November 2015, recently changed its signage to Love Ramen (日式拉面). The shop serves build-your-own ramen bowls, as well as bubble tea, Japanese-style crepes, and self-serve frozen yogurt. It was one of two build-your-own ramen places in Oakland until Fukumenya closed in June.

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  1. I really like Love Yogurt (though I've only ever had their yogurt like twice). I am a soup customer and I hope their new name will help bring other noodle soup eaters in. They're extremely friendly, service is usually quite fast, and the prices are very good. I hope to keep enjoying their food for years to come!


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