Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Karaoke in Pittsburgh, November 19th.

Those interested in Asian-style karaoke may want to join The Pittsburgh Japanese Language, Culture, and Food Group at Korea Garden in Oakland on November 19th for their Karaoke Night. Join the Meetup.com event group to RSVP, and watch the PJCLFG group for future events.

By Asian-style we mean the way カラオケ—노래방, or KTV—is done in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, respectively. In Pittsburgh karaoke usually means singing lame 80s songs to a bar full of people waiting for you to sit down and shut up. In East Asia, karaoke is done among friends, family, and co-workers in small, private rooms.

Conference room Singing room in Korea Garden.

This meeting will be at Korea Garden, which while not cozy is more equipped for such a set-up. There is also karaoke at Green Pepper, another Korean restaurant in Pittsburgh, but their large karaoke room is actually half the restaurant, is open to and endured by non-singing customers, and is more western and far more uncomfortable to those used to Asia.

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