Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pittsburgh-born enka star Jero to make New York debut, June 9th.


Not exactly local news, but the Japan Society says enka star Jero---who was born in Pittsburgh in 1981 and graduated from Pitt in 2003---will be performing in New York City on June 9th.
Pittsburgh-native, Tokyo-based enka superstar JERO makes his New York debut at Japan Society! With his smooth voice and hip-hop stylings, JERO has breathed new life into this sentimental Japanese music genre often associated with themes of one’s hometown, lost loves and sake. Often referred to as the “Japanese blues” or “Japanese country music,” enka’s melodies and required vocal techniques make it a quintessentially Japanese musical style.
Tickets are $22 for Japan Society members, $28 for non-members, and can be purchased online. Here's a sample of Jero live: