Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Naya Restaurant to replace Aseoma on Murray Ave.


This sign just went up at 2018 Murray Ave., announcing that Naya Restaurant is coming soon.

Aseoma was a Koreanish fusion restaurant that received decent reviews by the Pittsburgh City-Paper, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and on Yelp, especially for its Korean tacos. The Post-Gazette says the menu is:
inspired, in part by Kogi BBQ, a food truck that serves Korean style-meat in tacos and quesadillas in Los Angeles[.]
And the City-Paper wrote of the rest of its menu:
Aseoma has extended its fusion efforts in several directions. For instance, it offers wings and sliders that, like the tacos, are made with distinctively Korean components. Rounding out the menu are some more authentically Asian street foods, such as dumplings and seafood cakes, and a selection of noodle- and rice-based entrees in a variety of Asian styles, from Chinese stir-fries to Thai-inspired curries.
Aseoma opened in 2011 on a stretch of Murray Ave. that includes a Korean bakery, a Japanese restaurant, a Vietnamese place, a Chinese restaurant, two Thai places, and another Korean restaurant. Local gossip said its neighbor was frustrated that another Korean place opened next door. In a neighborhood with a lot of turnover among restaurants, it replaced another Asian restaurant, one distinctive for the heavily tinted windows inherited by Aseoma that made it look like a front for some low-level gang.