Saturday, August 3, 2013

Yen's gourmet facade to go.

Via Google Maps.

The distinctive Chinese characters across the street from East Liberty's Target will meet the wrecking ball, according to plans that will have part of the block replaced with a new six-story building. The façade currently belongs to Yen's Gourmet Chinese Restaurant, a space that may soon look like this:

Some preservationists will mourn, and that the neighborhood has changed a great deal is part of a the narrative of a resurgent Pittsburgh. Contrast the block in April 2008, a Google Maps look that predates the Target:

with a similar vantage point in 1935.

Via Historic Pittsburgh.

Counting the facades from the Liberty Building---its name is written on the side in both---will help you find 6123 Penn Ave. Yen's owner bought the building in September 1988, and sold it to Alpha Prime in April.

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