Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hong Kong movie Drug War at Harris Theater, from September 20.

Hong Kong Drug War

The Harris Theater (map) will show the 2012 Hong Kong movie Drug War (毒戰) from September 20. The Onion's AV Club wrote in a July review:
Drug War belongs to a subgenre that’s particular to [director Johnnie] To: crime movies that blend real-world details with oddball characters and narrative left turns, resulting in something that feels both realistic and heightened. Set in the mainland city of Jinhai, Drug War follows a group of narcotics agents who score a big break when they arrest Louis Koo, a Cantonese meth supplier. Faced with the possibility of the death penalty under China’s strict drug laws, Koo becomes an informant for the police, offering them an even bigger break in exchange for clemency: the chance to nab his boss.
The Pittsburgh Filmmakers website has information on showtimes, with the first screening at 8:00 on Friday and three additional showings through the weekend.