Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette profiles Golden Pig today.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Melissa McCart visits Golden Pig for today's paper. The best Korean restaurant in Western Pennsylvania reopened on July 31 after a several-month hiatus. An excerpt from the article:
[Owner and chef Yong Kwon is] back cooking the food she grew up on, decidedly savory dishes that display what she describes as an older style. It's different from sugar-laden dishes that have crept into Korean restaurants, such as Korean fried chicken with its sweet heat.

Her food also reflects her values, having been raised during a depression when she admits she had been close to starving. Today, her priority is to serve fresh, affordable fare.

Regulars had hankered for her cooking during her absence. It had been too long since they'd feasted on bul dak ($7.50, $9.50), sesame-laced chicken with carrots in a fiery marinade, the result of chili peppers, soy sauce and red pepper paste, among other ingredients.

It's one of the hottest dishes you can order in Pittsburgh, competing with the Scoville scale of Sichuan dishes.

Whether it's because of her spicy food or her charisma, Ms. Kwon has cultivated quite a following. It's made up of diners looking for authenticity at a time when cuisine that adheres to a culinary tradition is hardly celebrated.
The paper has visited the restaurant before, in 2009 and 2010.

Golden Pig is located in Cecil Township (map), about 20 miles southwest of Pittsburgh. It's closed Sundays and Mondays.

Inconspicuous, via Google Maps.