Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Unsanitary conditions found at New Yung Wah's McKees Rocks warehouse.

An October inspection by the Food and Drug Administration revealed unsanitary conditions at a local warehouse of a distributor for Asian restaurants, writes DailyFinance.
Among the findings in the inspection of the company's McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, warehouse:
* A rodent's nest with multiple rodents in a plastic-lined box in a cooler that had thawing rib meat on top of melons.
* Four dead rodents.
* Birds flying throughout the warehouse.
* A pallet of pineapples in boxes gnawed on by rodents, an apparent nest they made and rodent feces.
* Rodent feces in a cooler.
* A path of rodent feces leading to a hole in a bag of flour.
* Rodent feces, urine and nests in and around bags of monosodium glutamate.
* Workers smoking while handling food being prepared for distribution.
The full warning letter sent to the Brooklyn-based New Yung Wah Trading Company is available on the FDA website.