Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2015 Donnie Yen movie Kung Fu Killer (一個人的武林) at Hollywood Theater, May 1 through May 4.

The Hollywood Theater in Dormont will show 2015's Kung Fu Killer (一個人的武林) from May 1 through May 4. Wikipedia provides a summary of the movie, which is now commonly known as Kung Fu Jungle in English:
Hahou Mo, a martial arts expert and police self-defense instructor (Donnie Yen) is incarcerated for involuntary manslaughter during a fight with an opponent. Three years later, a vicious killer (Wang Baoqiang) emerges and starts killing retired martial arts masters that Hahou knows. With his own personal agenda, Hahou reveals he knows the killer's next intended victims and offers to aid Inspector Luk Yuen-Sum (Charlie Young) in capturing the killer with his martial arts skills and knowledge in exchange for his freedom.
Tickets are available online via the theater's calendar. The theater is located at 1449 Potomac Ave. in Dormont (map), and is accessible by Pittsburgh's subway/LRT at a block south of Potomac Station.