Thursday, November 12, 2015

Northwestern Chinese food tasting in Shadyside, November 13.

The organizers of the Northwest Chinese Popup Restaurant events will host a food-tasting event on Friday, November 13, at Leaf and Plate in Shadyside. Organizer Shanning Wan passes along information and a menu:
For $10, customers can choose a baked bun, a sandwich and a salad(from the following list). Also appetizers and entreess are a la carte. It's a BYOB event.

Baked Lamb Bun 羊肉烤包子 $4
lamb, onions, ginger, cumin with spicy sauce

Baked Beef Bun 薄皮包子 $3.5

cumin, carrots, onion, beef with spicy sauce

Steamed Vegan Bun 素烤包子 $3
bell pepper, zucchini, potato with spicy sauce

(baked or steamed bread)
Cumin Lamb Sandwich 孜然羊肉夹馍 $4.5

lamb, cumin, green pepper, onion
Peanut Beef Sandwich 花生牛肉夹馍 $4

beef, green bean, carrot, tofu, peanut

Soy Sauce Pork Sandwich 红烧肉夹馍 $3.75

pork, soy sauce, green onion, traditional Chinese spice

Vegan Sandwich 素夹馍 $3.5

potato, red pepper, spinach, tofu strings

(with homemade dressing)
Pi La Hong Salad 皮拉红 $5

green pepper, celery, tomato, onion, chickpea
Smashed Cucumber Salad 拍黄瓜 $4.5

cucumber, crushed peanut, spicy garlic dressing
Buckwheat Salad 甘肃凉菜 $5.5

buckwheat noodle, carrot, celery, red and green pepper
Mu Er Salad 黑木耳凉菜 $6

black wood ear mushroom, carrot, yuba(layered dried tofu)
Leaf and Plate recently opened at 5884 Ellsworth Ave. in Shadyside (map). The event runs from 6:30 to 9:30 pm.