Monday, May 9, 2016

Korean troupe Bereishit Dance Company (브레시트무용단) in Pittsburgh, March 4, 2017.

via FocusNews.

The Pittsburgh Dance Council released its 2016-17 schedule over the weekend, with Korean dance troupe Bereishit Dance Company (브레시트무용단) among the performers.
In this first-ever Korean dance presentation for Pittsburgh Dance Council, the Seoul troupe Bereishit presents contemporary work that draws upon eastern Asian culture. Witness Bereishit’s amazing display of space and rhythms choreographed with kinesthetic clarity and power. Elements of street dance and multimedia add to Bereishit’s potency.

Sport meets dance in the rigorous male duet BOW, inspired by the Korean tradition of archery. The intensely physical Balance and Imbalance juxtaposes the dancers alongside some of Korea’s most revered traditional storytelling genre drummers and pansori vocalists.
Tickets are not yet available for the March 4 event.

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