Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Japan-inspired T-swirl crêpe chain's Pittsburgh store a couple months away.

via T-swirl crêpe Facebook page.

T-swirl crêpe, a Japanese-inspired crepe chain scheduled to open its first Pittsburgh location at 1714 Murray Ave. in Squirrel Hill (map) this month, now anticipates a fall opening, according to the corporate office. T-swirl crêpe has four locations in New York City, one in Philadelphia, and one in California, and has 12 more planned. From the official site:
The story of T-swirl Crepe starts thousands of miles away on the shores of Japan. The Japanese Crepe borrows from a western concept and modernized it into new level of versatility that you can gobble on the go. Building on this new concept, T-swirl started to research and have perfected the 100% gluten free rice flour batter, to craft a crispy thin chewy layer that embraces all the decadent condiments. T-swirl is synonymous with using the finest ingredients to construct a trendy/artistic crepe that arrives to your hand with incredible speed. We have standardized the process to give you a consistently clean and delicious crepe.