Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Art Talk / Talk Art featuring Nobuho Nagasawa, November 9 at Children's Museum of Pittsburgh.

From artist's official site.

The Children's Museum of Pittsburgh will host Nobuho Nagasawa for a November 9 Art Talk / Talk Art event.
An excerpt from Nagasawa's artist statement:
My professional work ranges from site-specific projects to installations and public art. I create an interactive space that is informed by the physical, natural, social, and historical aspects of the site through people and their spatial narrative. In this process, I explore the sociological and psychological content of each site in a manner similar to an archeologist or a forensic researcher. The immediate physical and social context of the site influences the form, content, and choice of materials and media in my work. The materials and methodology involved in my projects are as diverse as the concepts embodied in them. I excavate numerous meanings—cultural, geopolitical, social or personal—that are hidden within the materials. By revealing personal memories, histories, myths, and contradictory issues of human nature, I explore social and personal facets that galvanize public interaction. Art can provide visual poetry in the environment as well as function as a catalyst to deconstruct and re-invent a new vision for society. While I expand my search into history, I try to pay attention to human sentiment, lived experience of past and present, and memory of the place. I seek an emotional relationship to the audience predicated on a vulnerability offered by my intervention, that in turn relies upon the participation and subjectivity of the viewer.
The event runs from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, and the museum is located at 10 Children's Way on the Northside (map).Registration is required, and a donation is suggested: both can be done online.