Monday, June 26, 2017

Japanese rock band Boris (ボリス) in Pittsburgh, October 27.

Advance notice for Boris (ボリス) playing at Mr. Smalls Theater on October 27. Boris---which has tried to eschew labels but has been labelled heavy metal and experimental rock---will tour Europe and the US later this year for its 25th Anniversary Tour. The Pittsburgh City-Paper summarized Boris ahead of a 2007 show here:
Three Japanese musicians merge into one pure vacuum of rock influence by absorbing every hyphenated, italicized and marginalized genre. Atsuo (drums), Wata (guitar) and Takeshi (bass) have fashioned a stellar compass of sounds since they first coalesced in 1992. Boris affords its members a sort of artistic invisibility, a singular tri-dentity capable of boundless experimentation. Last names are always withheld and song credits littered with intentional errors to further dissociate the music from its makers.
Tickets for the October 27 show go on sale June 30. Mr. Smalls Theatre is located at 400 Lincoln Ave. in Millvale (map).