Thursday, November 2, 2017

KDKA: "Increase In Asian Population Is Changing Region Culturally, Economically"

2015 Lunar New Year Parade, via @OCA Pittsburgh.

KDKA, the local CBS affiliate, has a quick look at the influence of the growing Asian population in the region.
“I think there’s always room for people to bring something specialty, something different, something more tradition[al], and introduce to the consumer,” said Mike Chen, the owner of Everyday Noodles.

When Chen moved here from Los Angeles 33 years ago, there were very few Asians in the city, but he says this new influx will be a welcome change in the Pittsburgh — both economically and culturally.

“A lot of the young professional kids want to stay in Pittsburgh, so we got a job for you and they stay here. So, I think it’s a good thing,” he said.

While the general city population is pretty much flat, Asians account for an ever-growing percentage. Pitt economist Chris Breim says they soon may change the cultural identity of Pittsburgh.

“The bottom line is, the city population would still be declining if not for the growth of the Asian population right now,” Breim says. “If you were to project that out, this would have a big impact on the city going forward.”