Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Yeek at Smiling Moose, June 20.

via @imyeek.

Rapper/musician/artist Yeek will play at Smiling Moose on June 20th as part of this year's tour. He describes his music to Konbini:
I would probably describe my style as 'imaginative'. My main influences come from cartoon style illustrations, funk music, & the 90s hip-hop culture & 90s hardcore American punk culture. I would have to say the major difference between LA & Florida is that the people are meaner in Florida & that helped me grow as person. I was born in Jersey City, raised in Florida."
And talks to Vice of being pigeon-holed as an Asian or Asian-American artist:
I feel like we've grown as a creative community to not base things off skin color or ethnicity but to base things off the work. It's rare that someone says to me, "Oh, you're like an Asian singer" or "You're like an Asian rapper." They are like, "Oh, he's a dope artist." I feel like with rapping and singing those are just other instruments like the drums or keyboard that I know how to play. Yeah, it is true that Asians are often behind the scenes of the mainstream but I feel like now is the time to change that perception.
Tickets are $10 - $12 and doors open at 6:00 pm. Smiling Moose is located at 1306 E. Carson St. in the Southside (map).