Friday, June 1, 2018

Construction underway on Philippine Nationality Room.

via Popi Laudico.

As reported in the Spring 2018 Nationality and Heritage Rooms News newsletter, construction began on the Philippine Nationality Room on May 3. And as reported in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette yesterday, it is planned for room 313.
“Of all the rooms at the university there is something unique about the Philippine room. It’s the only colony that the U.S. had,” said Mr. Abola, a Pitt graduate. “For a long time the Philippines were actually American and fought in World War II alongside them...If there’s any group that should have a room at the cathedral it should be the Philippines because we have a shared history.”

In its most recent estimate, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that 2,035 Filipino-born individuals reside in the seven-county Pittsburgh metropolitan area, which is more than from any Asian country except India, China and Korea.
Completion is currently scheduled for July 2019.