Thursday, September 13, 2018

Taiwanese tea chain Chatime (日出茶太) to open first Pittsburgh-area location on September 20.


The Taiwanese tea chain Chatime (日出茶太) will open its first Pittsburgh-area location on September 20 in Ross Park Mall.
Chatime is the next trend in beverages. A unique Tea concept that is dedicated to make Tea a healthier, refreshing and fun alternative to Coffee.
And from the Chatime official site:
We are committed to producing high quality products, brewed from the freshest ingredients, with the fullest flavours from one of eastern lifestyle.

The word “Cha” means tea in Taiwan. So technically ‘chatime’ could be loosely translated into ‘teatime’. Finest teas from Taiwan and unique flavour of bubble tea bring new drinks tea style for good user experience in the whole world.
It will open on the second floor near Pac Sun. Ross Park Mall is located at 1000 Ross Park Mall Drive in the North Hills (map).