Monday, February 25, 2019

Lost in Ramen (ラーメン食いてぇ!) added to Pittsburgh Japanese Film Festival.

The 2018 film Lost in Ramen (ラーメン食いてぇ!) is the latest addition to the 2019 Pittsburgh Japanese Film Festival at the Row House Cinema this March and April. The Anime News Network has a synopsis:
The manga's story centers on a ramen shop owner who decides to close his shop after his wife passes away; a food critic who gets stranded in the mountainous area of Xinjiang, China while doing research; and a female high school student who contemplates suicide due to the cruelty of her classmates. A bowl of ramen links them together as they restart their lives.
The movie will be part of the theater's Ramen Fest on March 29, with noodles from Lawrenceville's Ki Ramen. Tickets for the two screenings, and for the other films, are coming soon.